Prof Amru Jamal

Chairman of the Family and Community Medicine Department at King Saud University, bringing experience from previous roles at King Saud University and King Saud University, School of Medicine.

Amr holds an MBA with Healthcare Concentration @ Jack Welch Management Institute. With a robust skill set that includes HIPAA, Microsoft Office, health, Cerner, teaching, and more, Amr contributes valuable insights to the industry

Dr Mehdi Khaled

A Medical Doctor with over 25 years of strategic engagements across multiple digital health domains, national implementations, policies, health data strategies, cyber security, and AI.

Mehdi's focus is on impact-driven technologies, value-based care, and well-being.

Previously, Mehdi was VP $ Global Chief Medical Officer at Oracle

Mike Flintoft

With a 20-year background in infrastructure and cyber security, Mike has hands-on implementation to running services consumed by millions of users, as well as architecting secure-by-design services for successful health vendors.

Previously, Mike was Associate Director of Platforms and Infra at NHS Digital, UK

Mohammed Othman

Mohammed is an accomplished expert in advanced technologies and innovative solutions. He has been involved in AI and machine learning since the late 90s.

Today, Mohammed is focused on personalized and precision medicine, with experience and knowledge in topics related to Digital OMICS.

Dr Osama El Hassan

Dr. Osama Elhassan has over 25 years of experience in digital transformation and advanced computing. He serves as a Health Informatics specialist at Dubai Health Authority in the UAE.

Osama obtained a PhD in Software Engineering from the University of Leicester and an MSc in Advanced Computing from Imperial College in the UK

Co-founder and chair of the Digital Health Workforce Development Collaborative (ZIMAM)

Rob Shaw, CBE

With over 25 years of leadership on national and international scales in technical delivery, cyber security, strategy, workforce, and supplier management, Rob brings a wealth of know-how, value, and wisdom into our daily digital health work globally

Previously, Rob was Deputy CEO at NHS Digital, UK

Dr Shaun Fletcher

With over 25 years of experience in digital health, Shaun brings an unmatched cross skillset covering all elements of Big Data, AI, Clinical Standards, Enterprise Architecture, and Product Strategy.

Previously, Shaun was Chief Architect at NHS Digital, UK